What Led to This

I had thousands of hours of yoga and meditation behind me before I began my yoga trainings in the tradition of T. Krishnamacarya. So I had a certain level of discernment that enabled me to “take the plunge”.

In 2012 I completed a 500 hour teacher training with the Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco and I am currently finishing a 1000 hour yoga therapy training in Minneapolis, MN, with the Yoga Well Institute. Both of these courses were/are taught in the breath focused therapeutic viniyoga tradition of T. Krishnamacarya.

After 12+ years of Iyengar Yoga classes I welcomed the shift to a stronger focus on the breath and a more therapeutic approach, starting where I was vs. straining to get my body into the postures. In a short period, I found my entire system was changing. I was responding to this gentler approach in a most profound way. The changes were sustainable and more or less permanent, no popping back into the chronic pain cycles I had been accustomed to. So I pursued it.

Since becoming a teacher I have taught group yoga classes for staff at the Coast Guard and at various medical facilities in San Francisco, CA. I teach a public class each week that all are welcome to attend and I teach one:one yoga by appointment.

Prior to this deep dive into yoga, I was also working on developing other aspects of myself, distinct intuitive capabilities that popped up when I was a child.

I studied with multiple teachers to learn intuitive meditation practices, furthering my natural abilities to see into issues and situations. I began doing intuitive session work in 2002 and eventually earned my Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® at the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, in Sausalito, CA in 2006. Following graduation in 2006 I served as a teaching assistant for the Intuitive Anatomy class for multiple sessions, and I continue to mentor students in the Academy’s Masters program.

In the midst of this there was also a Midwifery training that led to me becoming a doula. I served laboring and postpartum women privately, and as a volunteer at San Francisco General Hospital in San Francisco, CA. Working with private clients I incorporated a meditation based technique called “Calm Birth”, to prepare women and couples for labor.


Luminous Practice is a synthesis of my experiences with yoga and meditation. It is my platform from which to facilitate healing experiences on multiple levels. It combines my faith in yoga, my refined intuitive abilities, my desire to serve and my wish to mitigate suffering. If you have things you’re working on that you’re finding difficult to resolve, contact me to begin the conversation about how we might work together.


Yoga Well Institute, 1000 hour Yoga Therapy Training, an IAYT accredited program
Healing Yoga Foundation, San Francisco, CA. 500 hour Teacher Training 2012
*Academy of Intuition Medicine®, Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® 2006
Metis the Intuitive Learning Center, 2003
Heart and Hands Midwifery Intensive, 2002
Calm Birth Teacher Certification Training, 2002
Postpartum Doula Training, 2001
The Silva Method, 2001

*Intuition Medicine® is a registered trademark of Francesca McCartney, PhD being used with permission.