Would you like to reduce your stress and anxiety levels?
How about improving your emotional health?
Does increasing your attention span and self awareness appeal?

These are some of the commonly known benefits of meditation.

Over two decades ago I began a serious meditation practice and experienced all of these benefits and more. Please join us to learn a practice that may help you as well.

This is a deep self reflection practice working with energetic anatomy (chakras, channels and aura) to access your full potential. It tends to open up intuition, produce profound insights and shift one’s perspective. It creates space in the system to see your patterning, where it comes from and to heal.

The Beginning Meditation Series is taught in two 5 week segments, Part 1 and Part 2.

Beginning Meditation Series Part 1 dates: Sept. 26, Oct 3, 10, 17 and Nov. 1st.

  • 5 virtual meetings
  • 90 minutes each
  • 8 student maximum

This course is underway introducing fundamental meditation techniques, progressively building skill and familiarity with each meeting.

Through discussions and exercises designed to facilitate students’ experience, we work with the primary energies that influence health and well-being. Each class includes lecture, guided meditations and informal discussions about the experiences with the techniques. Each week, practice suggestions are provided to reinforce and enrich the class experience.

By the end of Part 1 students will have developed a set of tools they can use daily to maintain their energy, identify and manage stress triggers, and enhance their sense of wellbeing.

At the conclusion of this series, Part 2 may begin and be available for additional students who’ve previously completed Part 1.

Please note: Attendance and real time participation are required to take this class. Recordings of the meditations will be provided for those in attendance after each class.

How to enroll:
Send an introductory email expressing your interest in the class.

Questions? Answers!