An Experience

The intuitive session itself is a co-created experience between me and the client. It is this dynamic that enables the pertinent information to surface. Therefore, the quality of the session is highly dependent on the client’s ease, openness and faith in the process.

Using intuitive and heart based meditation practices, the relationship systems and triggers that cause stress are examined; be they related to finance, interpersonal dynamics, health issues, or any major life transition, from pregnancy and birth to death and dying.

Through this impartial witnessing the client’s ability to understand his/her situation from various perspectives is facilitated, resulting in greater insight into the causes and potential solutions to issues.

Over time, highly charged scenarios are de-energized, obstacles that previously blocked progress dissolve, and a greater sense of well-being is developed.

During the session I’m in a light trance state in order to maintain neutrality and examine the energy systems that appear as the dialogue develops between me and the client. Various meditation exercises and visualizations are used to access the information the client has questions about or wishes to work on. Some of the techniques involve verbalization of the imagery and information perceived, and some are silent, invoking other energies to assist with the healing process.

The client’s ability to access his/her own inner wisdom and intuitive healing capability is facilitated by addressing the obstacles and focusing on the underlying causes of the issue(s).  Whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, the spectrum the client is willing and ready to work with is examined, and his/her ability to shift the energy to achieve a preferable status is facilitated.

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