For individuals who want a yoga practice customized to their needs.

The heart of the T. Krishnamacharya lineage lies in individualized instruction and practice. So although the Breathing Yoga group class is extremely beneficial and an excellent introduction, the most dramatic results come from having your own personal practice.

Having a yoga practice customized to your particular needs can be a powerful experience for those who practice daily.

How it works

When we meet, we assess your situation, discuss your goals and determine what is a realistic commitment for yoga in your life. A plan is then drawn up for you.

Our first meeting is typically 90 minutes, and within a week we meet a second time for a shorter period. Depending on the scenario, your practice may be drawn up in the first or second meeting.

After the initial two meetings, we meet in 3-4 weeks to discuss the experience and fine-tune the practice. This occurs again the following month and continues in this manner as needed.

The follow-up meetings are crucial to confirm the student’s understanding of the practice, and for the teacher to observe the effects of the practice on the student. In these subsequent meetings the teacher will continue to update the practice to facilitate the student’s continued evolution.

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